Frequently asked questions

After having lost my excess weight, do I gain weight again when I stop using Gemberslank ?
No! By stopping Gemberslank you will not gain weight. The possibility of gaining weight after discontinuing the use of Gemberslank depends on your diet, the extent to which you exercise as well as other factors. If you continue using Gemberslank, the chance of gaining weight is much lower.

Can I use Gemberslank as long as I want?
Yes, you can use Gemberslank prolonged in accordance with the indicated dosage. There are no side effects or interactions reported.

Does Gemberslank have side effects?
No! There are no adverse effects or interactions reported when used according to the prescribed dosage. Gemberslank can be safely used in accordance with the indicated dosage.

Can I use Gemberslank during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
Yes. There have been no side effects or interactions reported when used in accordance with the indicated dosage.

How quickly do I see results by using Gemberslank?
Most users of Gemberslank experience weight-loss after 6 to 12 weeks. In some instances it happens at an earlier stage.

Does the use of Gemberslank also have other benefits?
Gemberslank promotes the slimming process and can support physical well-being. Many users also say they experience feeling more energetic and zest for life. Gemberslank liquid is rich in natural essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, beneficial herbs and powerful antioxidants that can have a beneficial effect on the body.

Why is it that Gemberslank also has a positive effect on the skin, hair and common complaints?
Many users experience in addition to a reduction in body weight, also a visible improvement in skin condition, as well as the hair. Also for common physical complaints Gemberslank can have a supportive effect. This is partly due to the synergistic action of the healthy phytonutrients in this formula. Gemberslank contains a special combination of gingerol, lineol, rhodiola, zingibain, zingiberol, borneol, magnesium, taurine, curcumin, shogaol, citrulline, and zingiberene.

Why do I feel much more energetic after using Gemberslank?
Gemberslank contains zingibain. This natural nutrient has a beneficial effect on the digestion and improves the absorption of important nutrients and the burning of calories. The various nutrients in Gemberslank may have a purifying, an expectorant, a relaxing and energizing effect.

I am diabetic. Can I use Gemberslank?
Yes, Gemberslank has no side effects, has few carbohydrates and is also suitable for people with diabetes.

Approximately how much weight do you lose with one bottle Gemberslank of 100 ml?
Most people lose a few kilos in a short period of time. However, the results can vary considerably by various factors.

How often should I take Gemberslank liquid?
Once a day, 1 tablespoon, or 1 teaspoon (Gemberslank 5x concentrated) either after your breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. You can decide what time you prefer.

My blood pressure is too high. Can I also use Gemberslank?
Yes, Gemberslank has no side effects and is suitable for people with hypertension.

Does Gemberslank have a pleasant taste?
Yes, Gemberslank has as a very pleasant taste according to many users.

Can vegans use Gemberslank? 
Yes, Gemberslank contains no animal remains and is suited for vegans.