Success stories in the media

Teacher rapidly loses belly fat

A 23- year old teacher lost 5 centimeters around her waist. “I lost about 5 centimeters around my stomach. I wear my jeans up to my belly button and it feels much more loose compared to before. I combined a new weight loss therapy with Gemberslank.”

“I use 1 tablespoon Gemberslank along with 1 teaspoon Grannur every day. I noticed that I am less hungry during the day and I am much more energetic which in turn makes me more active. I am thinner, feel much better and I live a healthier life thanks to Gemberslank.”

Woman loses 12 kg with Gemberslank

Babet Vierhuis has lost more than 12kg of excess body weight in a period of approximately three months. The young woman heard about the herbal remedy Gemberslank. She used Gemberslank an Grannur daily to lose her excess weight in a short time.

Vierhuis says she heard from a friend about the good results achieved with ginger in combination with other healthy herbs. The next day she decided to start using Gemberslank. “I am very satisfied because I became visibly slimmer and with little effort,” she says proudly.


Weight-loss product Gemberslank is very popular

gember-product The natural weight loss product Gemberslank appears to be very popular among people who want to lose weight. The liquid natural product made from organically grown ginger and other healthy herbs is used by more and more Europeans to lose excess kilos.
The 22- year-old Ms. Gerlinde has lost more than 4 kilos weight over a period of about three weeks. Together with two friends she also began to use Gemberslank.

“I heard from my uncle that many of his colleagues in the office significantly slimmed down by taking a tablespoon of Gemberslank every day. Then I became very interested. The result is surprisingly positive. My friends also lost weight, but slightly less because they relish very much”, Gerlinde said enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, there is a huge demand for the weight-loss supplement. Earlier it was reported by the media that Gemberslank had become temporarily sold out. This happened after it became known that the natural product aided overweight people to lose weight in a healthy way and that it also has a beneficial effect on the digestion.

Montana: I have very good experiences with Gemberslank

montanaThe popularity of the natural slimming product Gemberslank continues to increase. More and more people who want to lose excess weight in a healthy manner, use the product based on specially selected ginger root. Often they say to achieve success in their fight against excess fat.

Montana is very pleased with Gemberslank. “I have very good experiences with Gemberslank. It inhibits the hunger and appetite making you automatically eat less. Additionally, you will lose weight much faster, especially if you exercise too. Besides, Gemberslank gives me more energy, I feel fitter. Quite a few people in my area have also used it and the result is visible “, Montana said in satisfied tone.

Presenter loses 7 kg with Gemberslank

Worldwide, great weight- loss successes have been achieved with Gemberslank.
Also in Italy, this natural weight-loss supplement is very popular. The famous Italian presenter Fenna has lost no less than 7 kg within two months by taking Gemberslank every day.

Gemberslank is very often recommended by weight loss experts because it has a natural, efficient and beneficial effect.

German research: Gemberslank enhances weight loss

gember-productA German research has shown that overweight people benefit greatly from using the natural slimming product Gemberslank. European researchers gave 17 overweight women aged between 18 and 69 years, over a period of six months, daily one tablespoon Gemberslank. Another equally large group of women in the same age group received a placebo.

In addition, both groups were prescribed the same foods and quantities.
During and at the end of the trial period, several parameters were found to differ significantly. Users of Gemberslank appeared at the end of the study to have lost an average of 34 percent more weight. Moreover they experienced a sense of satiation at an earlier stage and were more energetic. Also, the natural weight-loss supplement was found to have a beneficial effect on LDL cholesterol.

A nutritionist from Germany who works with the renowned European weight loss expert Jonathan Clarke said that there are many benefits to be obtained with Gemberslank.

“We repeatedly observe fast and convenient results with our clients who lose weight.
Our dietary prescriptions in combination with more physical exercise and use of Gemberslank prove to be particularly effective. Not only does this latest research show conclusively, also the foregoing researches show that obese people lose weight faster with the herbal remedy”, according to the nutritionist who is also affiliated with Jonathan Clarke.